Web Pack Integration (available in Sitetriks 2.1)

Webpack is an open-source JavaScript module bundler. It allows JavaScript files to be bundled and used by the browsers, it also offers to transform, bundle, or package any resource or asset. Webpack takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets representing those modules. It bundles JavaScript, HTML, CSS and even images if the corresponding plugins are included.

It takes the dependencies and generates a dependency graph allowing web developers to use a modular approach for their web application development purposes. The bundler can be used from the command line, or can be configured using a config file which is named webpack.config.js.


Cutting edge front-end editing is one of our next objectives. Here we would aim at facilitating non-technical people to add and edit content at will, intuitively selecting the desired styles, colours and assets.


While version SiteTriks v.1.0 provides an out of the box Google Analytics integration, we realize that it is important to at least part of the SiteTriks community to allow and facilitate custom analytics, tailored to the users’ specific needs.


SiteTriks already possess the power for an E-commerce that allows for flexible grouping and reporting. In addition to this, SiteTriks E-commerce would be structured around a predictive algorithm based on historical data.


SiteTriks has been positively welcomed by a number of partners, who have shown both dedication and eagerness to be part of the growth and enhancement of the CMS. Therefore, as a token of our appreciation and in order to be able to provide as much out-of-the-box functionalities to our clients, we have decided to introduce SiteTriks marketplace.


SiteTriks has been built in order to replace the old content management systems and in light of this, it has been built using the latest technologies in order to meet the users’ demands of today’s world. With the mobile devices setting most of the modern trends, SiteTriks is set to deliver various solutions also in that sphere. SiteTriks could be easily used as a data source for mobile applications and other specific systems.