Sitetriks 2.1

Developer Experience

Released Mar. 21, 2019
.Net Core 2.2
Sass Integration
UTC (server) to User's specific time presentation 
Error Handling upgrades
Base Installer abstraction
Logger (by type)
Repository/Context refactoring
News refactoring
Component Approach for Links and Files
Scheduled Tasks
Search added to the Documentation Widget

Sitetriks 2.04
Released Feb. 2, 2019
.Net Core 2.1.7
Thumbnail bug fix
Delete Library pop-up
Widget addition simplification
Sitemap update

Sitetriks 2.0
Released Nov. 30, 2018
.Net Core 2.1
Cache Setup
Widget and Asset Tracking
Custom Error Pages
Widget Routing System
Storage Providers
Structured Content
Azure CDN integration
Image Tracking 
Sitetriks Installer
TinyMCE Spellchecker
RTL Support
Thumbnail Generation
Forum (Update)
Blog (Update)
Carousel (Update)
Multisite (Update)
Dashboard and Admin pages (Update)
Various Widget Additions and Updates
True Grid View
Exception Logging

Sitetriks 1.0
Released May. 26, 2018
.Net Core 2.0
Revision History
Multisite Management
Multilingual Environment
Scheduled Publishing
Dynamic Content
Multi-Environment Sync
SEO Optimization
Import Tool (Sitefinity)