Sitetriks Services
Our Professional Service Team provides an array of services aiming at facilitating our client’s efforts in delivering a cutting edge web-content while guaranteeing the integrity of their websites and IT systems. The services that we provide include but are not limited to

 Project architecture | Integrations | BE & FE development | Design 

Whether you need assistance choosing a hosting provider or simply would like to delegate any of your website-related tasks to a professional team you can always rely on Sitetriks Professional Services.

In case you have specific information that you would rather discuss and is not addressed in the general information below, please, feel free to contact us.

Hosting & Deployment

By leveraging .Net Core’s ideas and architecture, Sitetriks is extremelly flexible and could be hosted on various types of hosting solutions.

Nevertheless, in order to take advantage of the unparalledled performance of Sitetriks, we reccomend hosting your projects on Windows servers. For cost effectivenes, we reccomend Everleap and for maximum flexibility and monitoring Azure.

In order to deploy Sitetriks, we reccomend using the Sitetriks manager, which allows you both to install and manage your Sitetriks based projects.

The manager has been build to facilitate you and as such, it breaks down the process in a few easy to follow steps.

Development Services

Whether you are looking for a complete rebuild of your company’s website or migration from another content management system, our team has got you covered. Get in touch with us and find out what your options are and what tools we have to facilitate the migration and development processes.

Depending on our availability or your preferences and budget, you could be advised to use the services of a Sitetriks certified partner. In such cases, we’ll keep track of your project’s progress and step-in if needed. Nevertheless, we guarantee a professional level of services by all our partner agencies, development studios, and individual battle units.

Design Services

Our designers work with passion transcending their artistic nature into unique UIs to guarantee that the designs not only look stylish but functional and intuitive as well. The team has countless experiences behind their backs, thus helping them to grasp your ideas and requirements quicker and better than you might expect, translating your ideas into a spectacular digital design and experience.

To get started, please use the contact form and include as much information as you currently have. This could include functionality requirements, designs of other websites that you might fancy and any other information that could help the team to grasp your imagination and expectations.

* Our designers always work in colaboration with our technical staff to guarantee your satisfaction.

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