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We hope that our passion for perfection and cutting edge technology is in line with your website's requirements. Our goal is to deliver digital solutions that are always up to date and as such, we stay committed to upgrading to the latest .Net Core version. 

If you think that there is a functionality or third party tool that is missing from what Sitetriks CMS already offers, please, do not hesitate to notify us and request it.

The list of some of the currently available widgets is:

HTML, CSS, JS (JavaScript), Navigation, Register, Confirmation, Log In/Out, Set Password, Embedded Script, Google Search, News, News Carousel, Detailed News, Tabs, Social Shares, Image, Gallery, Video, Layout Builder, Dynamic Content, Presentation, Contact Us, Documentation, Sitefinity Import tool, etc.

You could preview and learn a little more about the widgets from our
licensing page.

As for the build-up functionalities that really set us apart from the competition due to their extent we recommend you to experience Sitetriks' Multi-Environment SiteSync, Revision History, Layout Builder and of course the Drag-and-drop functionalities involved throughout the page creation processes.

Be modern and stay tuned ;)

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