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Available with SiteTriks's basic license.
SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks

SiteTriks was built with the idea of modular design. This philosophy was followed in the development of the product, and the system provides an easy way to keep all further development under the same philosophy. 

A module in SiteTriks represents a self-contained functionality with models for the database objects, the controlling and service layers, and allows for the inclusion of the view layer within the module. 

Modules can be distributed in a variety of ways, either as NuGet packages, project libraries, or module exports.

The module export approach allows for access to installing or uninstalling imported modules at will.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks
Multi-Environment sync

The Multi-environment sync in SiteTriks allows the users to synchronize changes between 2 or more environments either granularly or making a complete clone of one environment on another server instance.

The Free and business license tier allows syncing between 2 instances, whereas the enterprise tier is extended to as many instances as the client requires.

In contrast to other content management systems, the multi-environment sync could be set up to operate in any direction and is not constraint by previous sync setups. i.g. you can sync as easy from staging to production as from production to staging.

Syncing supports not only the transfer of content between different instances of the same site but also syncing configurations and settings as well.

Multi-Environment sync is the tool for a clean, structured and secure work process when building and editing sites.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks
Import tool (Sitefinity content)

SiteTriks has an out of the box tool to transfer a variety of contents from a Sitefinity website. The content that could be easily transferred include:

  • Pages
  • Images
  • Documents
  • Videos

The tools consist of two parts, an exporter that needs to be added to a Sitefinity project and automated import that will use the exporter added to the Sitefinity project. The tool requires no configuration, but simply the URL of the Sitefinity instance.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks
Dynamic content

It is always better to structure your content wherever possible, to standardize content management, and to cut down on manual labor. Dynamic content is a way to do this at will from within the system without the need of a developer or creating a new version of the site to pass through the entire process of approval and deployment. Using this functionality allows you to have a structured centralized location for managing any dynamic content.

A supplementary functionality is the ability to create view templates for any widget within the system. The advantage of this functionality is again that the entire process can happen from within the system and without the need for redeployment. 

Both Dynamic content and Dynamic views are objects that can be synced between different instances of the site using the synchronization capabilities of the platform.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks

Having a platform for publishing regular updates for visitors is important and for that purpose, SiteTriks includes a blog implementation out of the box. It contains all necessary functionality and provides easy management from the backend of the site. 

The forum is enabled by a module and can easily be added or removed at any point with no downtime. 

The modular approach to this functionality allows for easy extension, or even replacement if the users' requirements do not match the specific implementation.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks
Version control (revision history)

SiteTriks' version control allows the users to revert the changes they have done and restore previous versions of a given page. The version history is tracked by different criteria to allow as much content to be preserved and be available for reuse with just a few clicks.

There are separate versions for different languages, draft versions of a page and public version of a page. 

Basic Tier: 
  • 1 previous version of each page.
Business Tier:
  • 3 previous versions of each page.
Enterprise Tier: 
  • Users can set the number of previous versions that should be stored by the system.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks

SiteTriks supports tagging for both site content and backend object. The system provides an easy way to manage tags from the backend, and new tags can be added from almost everywhere across the system.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks

SiteTriks supports hosting multiple sites from the same application and database. This allows for sharing project resources between on websites in the system while keeping content separate and combining it with the dynamic view functionality allow for easy separation of feel and looks of the sites.

SitetTriks Dev Team 01.01.2020 SitetTriks
Search (Google integration)
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Sitetriks & .net core
Sitetriks has been designed to take as much advantage as possible from the .NET Core platform. It is designed around a modular approach to allow using only what a user needs, without forcing them to add aspects to the system they do not need.
.NET Core
Sitetriks allows for a splitting of the code into multiple assemblies with the ability to add/remove controls with ease. This approach allows you to develop components for a given Sitetriks application as well as systems that are located in a self-contained unit, which in turn would be easy to export and reuse.
The technologies chosen for the system have been picked based on two main criteria. Flexibility & Versatility, SiteTriks allows a simple expansion of the system, and the ability to be used as the base for any Web-based application.
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